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The Federation University Australia Pipe Band, on behalf of Pipe Bands Australia, welcomes you to the official website of the 2014 Australian & South Pacific Pipe Band Championships. Ballarat is proud to have hosted two successful events in 2012 and 2014. With another Championship concluded, take a look back at the updated history of results.

Download the Championships mastersheets [HERE]

Empty Circle

Competition recordings

For your listening pleasure, here are the recordings of all 52 performances across days 1 and 2 of the Championships. There are the occasional audible effects of the gusty winds in some performances, but the recording quality does provide as true a reflection of the music as possible.

Moorabbin City - Gr 1 MSR Moorabbin City - Gr 1 Medley Queensland Highlanders - Gr 1 MSR Queensland Highlanders - Gr 1 Medley Western Australia Police - Gr 1 MSR Western Australia Police - Gr 1 Medley City of Adelaide - Gr 2 MSR City of Adelaide - Gr 2 Medley Hawthorn City - Gr 2 MSR Hawthorn City - Gr 2 Medley Pipeband Club - Gr 2 MSR Pipeband Club - Gr 2 Medley St Andrew's - Gr 2 MSR St Andrew's - Gr 2 Medley City of Melbourne Highland 1 - Gr 3 MSR City of Melbourne Highland 1 - Gr 3 Medley Federation University Australia - Gr 3 MSR Federation University Australia - Gr 3 Medley Haileybury - Gr 3 MSR Haileybury - Gr 3 Medley Scotch College Melbourne - Gr 3 MSR Scotch College Melbourne - Gr 3 Medley The Scots College - Gr 3 MSR The Scots College - Gr 3 Medley Williamstown RSL - Gr 3 MSR Williamstown RSL - Gr 3 Medley City of Melbourne Highland 2 - Gr 4 MSR City of Melbourne Highland 2 - Gr 4 Medley Frankston RSL - Gr 4 MSR Frankston RSL - Gr 4 Medley Geelong RSL - Gr 4 MSR Geelong RSL - Gr 4 Medley Golden City - Gr 4 MSR Golden City - Gr 4 Medley Hawkesbury Nepean Valley - Gr 4 MSR Hawkesbury Nepean Valley - Gr 4 Medley Knox Grammar School - Gr 4 MSR Knox Grammar School - Gr 4 Medley Scottish Society of New Zealand - Gr 4 MSR Scottish Society of New Zealand - Gr 4 Medley Warrnambool & District - Gr 4 MSR Warrnambool & District - Gr 4 Medley Haileybury - Juv SOM Haileybury - Juv Medley Hawkesbury Nepean Valley - Juv SOM Hawkesbury Nepean Valley - Juv Medley Knox Grammar School - Juv SOM Knox Grammar School - Juv Medley Scotch College Melbourne - Juv SOM Scotch College Melbourne - Juv Medley The Scots College - Juv SOM The Scots College - Juv Medley
Note: The playlist may be re-ordered by dragging and dropping. Tracks are ordered alphabetically from Grades 1 to 4, then Juvenile.

For those interested, the recordings were made from a fixed position between the two competition circles using a Zoom H2n recorder. You will hear the bands march up, past the recorder, and the pipers turn inwards once the band is in the circle. Ultimately the recording position affords high quality sound, away from spectators, making the most of the position relative to the pipe and drum corps (a position many ensemble adjudicators favour).


A sincere thank-you to all involved with the Australian and South Pacific Pipe Band Championships; the bands, officials, volunteers and spectators. Through your generosity, the gate proceeds raised nearly $5000 for the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute.

See you all in October 2016 for the next Australian Pipe Band Championships, to be hosted by Knox Grammar School, in New South Wales.

Supporting events

The Championships were held in conjunction with major supporting events. Congratulations to the Western Australia Police Pipe Band - 2012 and 2014 Grade 1 Champions - on their successful and entertaining concert at the Regent Theatre on Championship eve.

The Art Gallery of Ballarat also opened their For Auld Lang Syne: Images of Scottish Australia from First Fleet to Federation exhibition, the biggest ever mounted for the Gallery. This will run until 27 July.

For Auld Lang Syne

Destination Ballarat

The City, which has a population of approximately 100,000, came alive in 2014 as it did in 2012. Being a stand alone regional centre, it is large enough to host the event with ease and offer all the required accommodation and services, yet is small enough that the event will have a major profile in the city and its region. It has proven itself willing and able to run the event successfully. Ballarat also boasts significant and award winning tourist attractions - such as Sovereign Hill, the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka and the Botanical Gardens and Lake Wendouree precinct - for those who want to enjoy a longer stay. The city is only one hour drive from both of Victoria's major airports, Tullamarine and Avalon, and is also an easy drive from the CBD, with a fast train link too. Ballarat has been proud to host the 2014 Australian & South Pacific Pipe Band Championships and the 2012 Australian Pipe Band Championships.